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Butter Chicken vs. Butter Paneer: the results are in!

We asked you what you prefer: Butter Chicken or Butter Paneer!

Butter Chicken and Butter Paneer are two variations of the same dish. Both dishes utilise traditional tandoori cooking from pre-partition Punjab, as well as Balti cooking.

The dishes are both simmered in a one-pot base, consisting of onion, tomato, butter, and spices, to rehydrate and moisten the kebabs, whether chicken or paneer. This “butter” base originated in North Indian cuisine and is now well-known and loved worldwide.

Balti cooking is a method in which chefs serve their final dishes in the same ‘balti,’ or cooking utensil, they are simmered in. Chef Huria chose to utilise this method as it preserves all the meals’ flavours, so nothing gets left behind in the pot, as well as maintains its sizzling temperature for longer.

We did a poll on our Instagram account and the results are in: it was a perfect tie!

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Whichever dish you choose, we know you will love it. Contact us at, call us at 050 335 7132, make reservations at, and order now on Talabat, Deliveroo, and 97Eats

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