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Happy International Small Business Week!

Happy international small business week! Thank you to all of our loyal customers for supporting Chef Vivek Huria’s small business and passion project.

Jalfrezi is Ras Al Khaimah’s first chef-owned business. After 35 years of dedication to and experience in the catering industry, Chef Vivek Huria has finally brought to life his vision of a 5-star fine dining experience in RAK. Chef Huria’s mission with opening Jalfrezi is to pay homage to North Indian cuisine, while also introducing restaurant-goers to the creative world of flavours that he has mastered.

A note from Chef Vivek Huria:

“Jalfrezi is the first and only chef owned restaurant in Ras Al Khaimah. We are looking to establish ourselves as the premier Indian fine dining restaurant in the northern Emirates. The project started in December 2021, with the writing of the first menu. Very quickly, everything fell into place. A site was acquired, the interiors were fit according to my design, and I personally hand-selected every aspect of the dining experience. I knew what chefs I wanted in my kitchen; what their training should have looked like, as well as their flavour and technique expertise. Therefore, through my network, I hired 4 diverse and energetic chefs to come join our team. From the tableware to the tandoor, I had it all personalised to my vision.

​​To maintain our progress and accelerate our growth, websites that accumulate reviews are instrumental. Not only are they a chance for us to build trust and credibility within the community, but they are extremely important in guiding us forward. We look forward to every guest's feedback, as it helps us better understand what we are doing right or wrong. Positive reviews from awesome customers help other members of the community just like you to feel confident about choosing our restaurant. If you have 90 seconds today, we would love it if you went to this link and wrote a review. A few sentences is all it takes! We will be forever grateful.”

Contact us at, call us at 050 335 7132, make reservations at, and order now on Talabat, Deliveroo, and 97Eats

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