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New at Jalfrezi: Indo-Chinese Food

Indo-Chinese Food has arrived at Jalfrezi!

Check Vivek Huria and the whole Jalfrezi team invite you to try some all-new secret menu items. These dishes were crafted by Chef Huria as a special thank you to our loyal customers who would like to experience cuisines new to them. The new menu items build on the dishes at Jalfrezi that you already know and love.

Never tried Indo-Chinese food before? This culinary style is a fusion of two cuisines you may already be familiar with: Indian and Chinese. Chef Huria combines popular dishes and flavours from both regions that enhance and compliment each other. You’ll definitely want to try this!

If you’re interested in Jalfrezi’s new Indo-Chinese menu, you can check us out on Talabat or visit the restaurant and ask the Chef for more details. If you choose to visit the restaurant, all dishes can be customised and adjusted to your liking – just talk to the Chef!

Contact us at, call us at 050 335 7132, make reservations at, and order now on Talabat, Deliveroo, and 97Eats

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